Rick's Road Trip Comments


Tues Oct 28 Ed says:

Hey there ... are you doing ok...find any good sheep I think you're coming through soon...??? [I forgot your web page again]

Fri Oct 24 Richie says:

Balg: Glad to see that you’ve made it out of Key West … Well, THEY say that once you’ve had a moose, that you can never go back!! If the weather keeps up like it has been around here, and we can make a connection to your absence, you might consider web donations to prolong your trip. To be a bit callous, but WTF, there are fires etc. in greater LA basin, but the beach has been great!! Just remember after the two-day drive around, and thru, Texas , you’re almost home. Did you grow a beard in honor of Ernest Hemingway?,

Balg reply:
Ernest Who?

Thurs Oct 23 Jennifer says:

Hi, So I check your website and it's still not updated.....now I figure you'll blame this on another one of your so called "dead zone" (now is that you being dead tired or an internet problem).....I fear for the worst that Florida has the best beer yet and you got sucked in and I am going to drive down the coast and save you. Anyways I am sure all is well and more great pictures will get posted soon. (Ps. I really liked some of the DC ones).

Balg reply:
Dead zones are real.

Sun Oct 19 Bob says:

Where are you? Did you get stuck in Key West?

Balg reply:
I am getting lazy and not updating this site as soon as I could.
Mon Oct 20 I am going to the other part of the Everglades to the north. Yesterday I visited the southern part.

Thurs Oct 9 Bob says:

Are you stuck in Good Thunder? Maybe the sheep are to your liking

Balg reply:
WiFi dead zones. And moose have moved to the top of the list.

Tues Sept 30 Rich says:

We’re back in CA. Largely uneventful after Good Thunder, MN and that sucky Packer/TB game in LaCrosse. Checked out couple microbreweries in Milwaukee , but heart just wasn’t into drinking beer after the horseshoes. I know that sounds improbable; maybe it was the fact that Ed wasn’t moving the drinking platform. Hope Kaukauna worked out OK. I think we’ve worn out our welcome in the Midwest . It was getting colder and rained on Monday. I suspect that a lack of moose on your route allowed you to go cold turkey and once more control your PMI. I just hope you didn’t transfer your fixation onto cows.

Wed Sept 24 Jim Fredrick says:

Coincidently...Lowell hasnt been seen around these parts since you left.... hmmmmmm.
I have been through Norris and many parts of Montana...fly fishing.
Have fun.

Wed Sept 24 Bob says:

Where are the pictures of the corn palace? It also looks like drinking Moose Drool has moose's on your brain or whatever is left of it!! I love the pictures of the moose on the hwy.

Balg reply:
I got behind in updating the site. WiFi dead zones.

Mon Sept 22 Jim Fredrick says:

I like Moose Drool too! It's slightly tastier than Keystone.
Your trip looks fantastic...weather wise it must be perfect.

Sun Sept 21 Jerry(former brother) says:

Boy: Moose Drool!! Mangy Moose!! It seems some type of fixation, if not pathological obsession, is developing. It has become clear that you are over-involved with and over-identified with moose. You appear to be suffering from a rare but well-known syndrome called "Pathological Moose Identification." This has resulted in much trepidation among the psychiatrists who had agreed to monitor your trip. They feel that, away from the supports of home, you may be slowly regressing and losing your sense of identity. They all agree with the diagnosis--Pathological Moose Identification brought on by too many Moose Drools--complicated by the previously diagnosed schizoid embolism. The treatment--avoid further pathological input which could lead to further regression and deterioration. Specifically, they suggest you avoid the upcoming horseshoe "event" in Minnesota. They point out that, although there are slightly more people than moose in Minnesota, studies have shown that the moose have a higher cumulative IQ. Obviously, this is not good. The concern is that this type of environment will lead to further deterioration and perhaps even delusional paranoiac outbursts. The concern is not with horseshoes per se but with certain peripheral activities that may take place simultaneously with the playing of horseshoes. They thus suggest making a wide detour around Minnesota (and encouraging any moose you meet along the way to do the same). I hear that in Wisconsin, even though the moose outnumber the people, the people still have a higher cumulative IQ. That's hopeful. I pass this information along in the spirit of helpfulness. That's all for now, it's dinner time and I need to go eat. I'm thinking of having a mooseburger.

Balg reply:

Sat Sept 20 Chip, Ed, Jim , Rich … say:

As we have had to overserve ourselves BECAUSE YOU WEREN’T HERE..
WE HAD to drink beer around the campus of the University of Wisconsin …
On another subject…..RE: your hike… Glad you made it that 10 feet vertical!!! We have a pool on how far you’ll make it until either you or your car will blow up See you in OK Thunder ( a little west of Good Thunder ) ...
No Co-eds were harmed on this pub crawl…
PS: Watch out God wants you to have too much fun..

Sat Sept 20 Jennifer says:

Hey Dad,
I checked out all your pics. They are cool. Hope you are having a good time. It doesn't look too bad so far......lots of good beer. Hopefully I'll catch one of your calls soon so I can hear it from you.

Fri Sept 19 Jerry(brother) says:

Boy-your trip is beginning to deteriorate even before you get to horseshoes ( Moose Drool is more prominent than the beautiful scenery)!
In Yellowstone, see the buffalo south of Canyon Village; the caribou at the ranger's houses at Mammoth Hot Springs. Enjoy your visit to Yellowstone.

Wed Sept 17 Rich says:

I’m so very disappointed that I can’t respond to your narrative…
Looks like shoes may be rained out on Friday, …darn!! Billy’s planning a roadtrip to New Ulm for a brewery tour and dinner…when, I’m not sure. He’s kinda pissed that WDB is fired up for actual horseshoes…

Balg reply:
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