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Rick's Road Trip Fri Oct 3/Mon Oct 6

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At Jennifer's in Smithtown, Long Island New York
This was an R&R stop so I didn't do much of anything. Just visited with the kid. On Sat we did take a small trip out to the far east point of Long Island, Montauk Point. There is a lighthouse there that was commissioned by George Washington. For all you doubters that I can not hike over 10ft vertical, I walked up to the top of the lighthouse, a total of 137 steps.
I also wanted to see the Hamptons. There are several hamptons, East, South, Bridge etc. Definitely places that are way above my payscale. Found one beach that was public. Actually had a volleyball net. Limited parking for the common folk at $40 on the weekend. The houses there are very nice as you can see from the photos. Houses on side streets all have something blocking the view of the house from the common folk.
Tues: On the road to Washington DC.

Lighthouse sign
Lighthouse at Montauk Point
View from top of Lighthouse
Popular fishing spot
Map of area
Road thru the hamptions
House near Beach
Another fine house near the beach
Side street-hedges to block view