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Rick's Road Trip Tues Oct 7/Wed Oct 8

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Tues: On the road to Washington DC.
Wed: In Washington DC. I stayed in Arlington, Virginia. The motel was a short 1 mile walk to the metro. Nothing like a brisk early am walk to clear the head. Today I visited the Capital, the National Archives and the Space and Technology Museum. Walked to all. All these places are fairly far apart. First was the Capital. Went on the tour. As you can see from the photo, inside the rotunda is pretty impressive. Got to see several other rooms with all sorts of paintings and statues. For the Senate and House galleries, you had to have a ticket issued by your congressman or senator. I did not so I did not see these. The former legislature room has a special acoustic effect that if you talk in one part of the room, you can clearly hear the person's voice in another.
Next was the National Archives. There I viewed the declaration of Independance, Bill of Rights, the Constitution and other historical documents. Most were difficult to read because of aging.
Then on to the Space and Technology Museum. On display was everything about Apollo missions, german V2 rockets, development of the jet engine and on and on. It was a worthwhile expenditure of my valuable time.
Most of the government buildings, i.e. the Capital etc. requires standing in line and waiting. The result was that the above took most of the day. Metro to the Motel. More tomorrow.

Walk to metro in Arlington
The National Mall
The Capital
The Capital
Washington Monument fron the Capital
Rotunda dome in the Capital building
Sculptures around the Rotunda dome
One of many large paintings
Rotunda dome
Another of the many paintings
Former legislative room
The Capital
National Archives
Intricate stonework on the National Achives
National Space and Technology Museum
Moon Lander
Smithsonian Main Center
One of many very large government buildings