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Rick's Road Trip Tues Oct 14

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Tues: Nice sunny day so I visited the Kennedy Space Center. Lucky for me, its off-season so it was not crowded. The Lauch Experience was awesome. It is supposed to replicate the first 8 minutes of a shuttle launch with all the movement, shaking and noise of a actual launch. You get turned updise down during part of the first 8 minutes, but I did not notice when that happened. And yes, my eyes were open and I was breathing normally. Also visited a site to view to shuttle launch pads. Another site to see the complete 3 stage rocket and command module of the Apollo rocket. looks like very complicated tubing and wiring for the engines. Sometimes I wonder how they worked at all. Last site was the area where they did final testing of modules of the Space station. All were interesting enough that I stayed awake even though this was my nap time. Lastly, I saw 2 Imax 3D movies on a 50 foot screen. Very nice. Saw one about the space station and the other was the walk on the moon. It was the first time I had seen a 3D movie, at least I think so, and they were very nice.

Space Shuttle
The Launch Experience
Shuttle prep bldg
Shuttle on launch pad
Main rocket 12' dia nozzles
The rockets 3 stages
Complicated engine stuff
The rockets 3 stages
Rocket info
Moon rock
Part of space Station
Imax 3D!!!