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Rick's Road Trip Wed Sept 17

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Time to do some hiking in Gran Teton National park. Went to Jenny lake to take the boat across the lake to the trailhead to Hidden Falls and Inspiration Point. For $9.50 the boat saves you the 2 mile hike around the lake to the trailhead. The trail itself was ok, i.e. not to much vertical. Hidden Falls was ....what can I say, a falls. The trail to Inspiration Point was interesting. See photos. Not too many people at the Point.
Next I went to Leigh lake. It was an easy trail, i.e. vertical of 10 feet or less.
Jackson Lake lodge was next on my list. Very nice lodge and an even better deck. Great view from the deck. Happened to have a couple of Moose Drools. Very tasty brown ale. At the entrance to the lodge I saw what could possibly be the source for the Moose Drool. Who knows?? As I drove back to Jackson, I happened to notice a sign for Dornans. My car turned in as if it had a mind of its own. View of the Tetons for Dornan's deck was pretty nice. Three Moose Drools later I continued my journey back to Jackson.

Jennifer says:
I checked out all your pics. They are cool. Hope you are having a good time. It doesn't look too bad so far......lots of good beer.

Jerry(brother) says:
Boy-your trip is beginning to deteriorate even before you get to horseshoes ( Moose Drool is more prominent than the beautiful scenery)! In Yellowstone, see the buffalo south of Canyon Village; the caribou at the ranger's houses at Mammoth Hot Springs.

Jim,Rich,Ed,Charles say:
As we have had to overserve ourselves BECAUSE YOU WEREN’T HERE.. WE HAD to drink beer around the campus of the University of Wisconsin … On another subject…..RE: your hike… Glad you made it that 10 feet vertical!!! We have a pool on how far you’ll make it until either you or your car will blow up See you in OK Thunder ( a little west of Good Thunder ) ... No Co-eds were harmed on this pub crawl…

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Boat to Hidden Falls and Inspiration Point
Tourist at Hidden Falls
Trail to Inspiration Point
Trail to Inspiration Point
Jenny Lake
Inspiration Point 7200 ft.
Trail back to the trailhead
Bald eagle
String lake on the way to Leigh Lake
Trail to Leigh Lake
Leigh lake
View from Jackson Lake Lodge
Moose Drool
Jackson Lake Lodge sundeck
Moose Drool source??
Tetons from Dornan's deck