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Rick's Road Trip Thurs Sept 18

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More hiking was the plan for today. I got started late, went to breakfast, did other mundane things. Decided to go to Taggart Lake. It was an easy hike, 4 miles round trip. Saw some nice reflections of the Tetons in the lake. Returned to Jackson via the road thru Teton villiage. The Mangy Moose just happen to be in Teton villiage. Managed to have a Bud Lite. Enough Moose Drool for now. Teton villiage was a lot smaller than I imagined. Not a town like Mammoth.


Jerry(former brother) says:
Boy: Moose Drool!! Mangy Moose!! It seems some type of fixation, if not pathological obsession, is developing. It has become clear that you are over-involved with and over-identified with moose. You appear to be suffering from a rare but well-known syndrome called "Pathological Moose Identification." This has resulted in much trepidation among the psychiatrists who had agreed to monitor your trip. They feel that, away from the supports of home, you may be slowly regressing and losing your sense of identity. They all agree with the diagnosis--Pathological Moose Identification brought on by too many Moose Drools--complicated by the previously diagnosed schizoid embolism. The treatment--avoid further pathological input which could lead to further regression and deterioration. Specifically, they suggest you avoid the upcoming horseshoe "event" in Minnesota. They point out that, although there are slightly more people than moose in Minnesota, studies have shown that the moose have a higher cumulative IQ. Obviously, this is not good. The concern is that this type of environment will lead to further deterioration and perhaps even delusional paranoiac outbursts. The concern is not with horseshoes per se but with certain peripheral activities that may take place simultaneously with the playing of horseshoes. They thus suggest making a wide detour around Minnesota (and encouraging any moose you meet along the way to do the same). I hear that in Wisconsin, even though the moose outnumber the people, the people still have a higher cumulative IQ. That's hopeful. I pass this information along in the spirit of helpfulness. That's all for now, it's dinner time and I need to go eat. I'm thinking of having a mooseburger.

Balg reply:

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Tetons from Taggart lake trailhead
Trail to Taggart lake
Taggart lake
Taggart lake
Same tourist from yesterday
Tetons and Taggart lake
Tetons reflection in the lake
Trail back to the trailhead
Mangy Moose in Teton Villiage