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Rick's Road Trip Wed Nov 5/Fri Nov 7

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Wed-Fri: at Los Alamos
Left Carlsbad Wed am. First stop: International UFO museum in Roswell, New Mexico. The museum had lots of stuff on the 1947 Roswell incident and a little on other UFO sightings. I saw no aliens, the offworld kind. I am glad it was only $3 admission.
Continued on to Los Alamos arriving late afternoon. As you can see from the photo, another very boring drive. As I was driving thru town, I noticed a sign that displayed the time and temperature. Time: 4:30pm Temp: 29 degrees. Of course that morning when I left Carlsbad it was warm so I was wearing shorts and a tshirt. Not good for 29 degrees! I think Thurs temp was low of 15 and a high of 44. Managed to have a few beers after I thawed out. Trader Joes Dark brewed in Mexico. Ed is still working on his roof but decided to take Thurs off. We,meaning Ed, Shelley, Chip and myself toured around Los Alamos, the local ski area and highway 4 to Jemez Springs. Lucky for us there was a bar there, Los Osos Saloon. We had lunch and Alien nutty brown ale. Another good dark beer.
On Fri Ed,Chip and Ed's friend Vicente worked on the roof. I did a lot of staring into space moaning about my sore back. But by afternoon I was fished in to doing grunt labor..yard cleanup. The main part of the roof will be done tomorrow, Sat. It will be weatherproof.
Sat: Leaving Los Alamos for home with a few more stops, the Petrified National Park, Sedona, Arizona and ?. I anticipate I will be home on Tues Nov 11.

Roswell International UFO museum
Boring road to Ed's/Los Alamos
Ed and Shelly's house
FDS at the local ski area
Snow on mountains in the distance
Las Alamos and the lab
Snow on the road
Elk herd in the middle of the photo
Jemez Springs
Jemez Springs
FDS at Jemez Springs
Alien nutty brown ale.. Good!
Chip, Shelly and Ed
Chip's house