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Rick's Road Trip Fri Sept 19

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Left Jackson today and headed to Yellowstone. First stop was Old Faithful. When it blows it is pretty cool. Walked around the area of Old Faithful to view many other geysers. Went to Black Sand basin and Biscuit basin and saw more geysers than anyone needs to see in his/her lifetime. There were various shapes, sizes and activity. Ditto for Firehole lake road. Firehole canyon road was different. No geysers, but a pretty nice waterfall. On the road to all of these places, saw some bison and deer.

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Old Faithful visitor center
Path to Old Faithful
Waiting for Old Faithful to blow
Starting to blow
Getting going
Going strong
Walk thru the area around Old Faithful
Geyser at Black Sand Basin
Geyser at Biscuit Basin
Geyser at Biscuit Basin
Geyser on Firehole Lake road
Geyser on Firehole Lake road
Firehole lake
Bison along road
Bison along road
Falls on Firehole Canyon road
Deer along road