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Rick's Road Trip Sat Sept 20

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Stayed last night in West Yellowstone. Had some good blueberry pancakes this am. Then back to Yellowstone. Went to the Norris area to view more geysers. Then on to Canyon villiage. Took a turnoff south of Canyon villiage to view the falls from the top. Then on to Artists point to view the same falls and the Yellowstone canyon. At Artists point I saw the same tourist as other places on this trip. I think I am being stalked! After Artists point, traveled the road to Yellowstone lake. Along the road saw the Mud volcano, more bison, the Yellowstone river and if you look real close you can see the top of a bear in the one photo. Finished the day in Cody, Wyoming

Good Pancakes
Interesting rock building
West Yellowstone
Norris area geyser
Norris area geyser
River along road to Canyon villiage
Yellowstone river?
View of falls from the top
Yellowstone canyon as viewed from Artists point
Falls as viewed from Artists point
Falls as viewed from Artists point
Tourist at Artists point
Mud volcano
Bison along road to Yellowstone lake
Yellowstone river
Look closely - bear in middle of photo
Road to Cody