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Rick's Road Trip Sun Sept 21

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Before I left Cody, I had to visit the Buffalo Bill Historical Center. He had a very full and interesting life. Annie Oakley was in Buffalo Bill's Wild West show. Interesting fact: the Wild West show toured Europe for 4 or more years. Also found a challenge to Ed's head decoration. The road, Interstate 90, goes thru BigHorn national forest. Nice drive. Saw more moose on the road. Spent the night in Gillette,Wy.

Buffalo Bill historical center
Poster for Wild West show
Annie Oakley
Buffalo Bill
Annie Oakley
Buffalo Bill in center
Some books about Buffalo Bill
Buffalo Bill had his name on lots of stuff
A challenge to Ed's new head decoration
Interstate 90 to Gillette,Wy
Bighorn National Forest
Moose on road
View from top of pass
On the road to Gillette,Wy